Tando natural soap supplier

Our soap is cold process, made from scratch with our unique formulas, from the highest quality raw ingredients (turkish olive oil from Aegean Sea area is one of the main components of our soaps). Our soap is handmade, so each bar looks unique.

Our artisan soaps will become a great novelty in your store or website. Among our wholesale customers are natural product store owners, spa salons, hotels, monthly subscription websites, wedding organization companies and many others.

We are a small team of soap making enthusiasts who want to share the great joy of having a bath with pure natural soap. Please explore our collection of products and keep in mind that we offer private labels packaging. Contact us and share your ideas for your business, we believe we can help!

We produce our handmade soap bars by demand, but frequently we have ready to sell soaps in stock, as well. Our handmade soaps contain at least 4 different oils (olive oil, coconut oil, castor oils + essential oils). Don’t hesitate to ask for more details!

Aegean Sea is the core location where Turkey’s the best olive oil is produced and where traditional olive oil soap culture dates back to ancient times when the place was also known as Pidasus.

 Tando olive oil soaps are the natural artisan products made for the bath & body to soothe the body, mind, and soul. Not all of the olive oil soaps, even though they are claimed so, are made with natural olive oil. Manufacturing high quality and healthy olive oil soaps requires expertise as well as the use of high quality ingredients. Green coloured soaps, claimed as natural olive oil soaps, in the market are made from olive oil pomace. Naturality and creativity are vital components of Tando. Tando promotes a sustainable environment and high quality skin care by using hand-picked, natural, and organic ingredients for beneficial results. All of our soaps and packaging process are handmade. Tando olive oil soaps are made with 100% olive oil, that’s why Tando soaps’ colour is between white and light green.

 Tando olive oil soaps are very exceptional products of which the olive oil used in production is a very special and selected pure blend of the Aegean Sea. Tando soaps’ performance is very high both on the hair and the skin. In terms of the unique blend of extra virgin olive oil and natural fragrances, our brand is unique in the market. Tando is proud to offer you elaborately manufactured soaps. Tando’s goal is to produce the purest and the most natural 100% extra virgin olive oil soaps. We believe that all natural soaps should be beautiful, functional and elegant to use. All of our soaps have a natural caring and firming effect on the skin and designed to calm, purify, reinforce and enrich the skin & soul.

Production method 

We make our handmade soaps with cold process technique, which means we don’t heat oils for hours and we retain the natural properties of oils in the soap. We use sodium hydroxide (NaOH, lye) for saponification of the oils during the soap making process. All real soap is made with sodium hydroxide. According to the FDA, “to be regulated as “soap,” the product must be composed mainly of the “alkali salts of fatty acids,” that is, the material you get when you combine fats or oils with an alkali, such as lye”, and “those “alkali salts of fatty acids” must be the only material that results in the product’s cleaning action”. Our soap is made by mixing oils (fatty acids) with sodium hydroxide (alkali) under special conditions, and our soap does not contain any additional synthetic detergents that could result in the cleaning property. Our soap is a true soap that helps perfectly clean skin. With our private label soap you will be able to offer your customers a really helpful healthy product, that they’ll be grateful for.

Let your customers explore real soap, handmade with cold process technique.


How to place an order 

To place an order, please, send us an email to tando@tandosales.co.uk with the list of soap types and amounts for each soap type, as well as your location. Hand made Specify if you are interested in our standard natural soap.

That way we’ll agree about the final cost, and we’ll start the for your private production after the 50% prepayment.


You can order soap samples before placing an order. We ship samples worldwide with TNT and DHL. The delivery time is usually 3-5 days.

You can order any of our standard soap types as samples. To order samples, please, send us an email to tando@tandosales.co.uk with the list of soap types for samples and your location. We will send the samples within 3 days after the payment is received.

Would like to get samples before making a large wholesale purchase? We would be glad to help!

The costs for samples (shipping included) to most common locations are provided below.

If your location is different from the regions listed below or your sample order amount is different from the amounts listed below, please, contact us to get more details.

To order samples send us an email to tando@tandosales.co.uk Please, list which soap samples you would like to get, which amount and tell us your address.

You will need to pay the shipping cost before shipping. We accept payments with bank transfer via TransferWise.

We ship with TNT fast shipping. We can send your samples within 3 days, the delivery time is 2-5 days.

Your business information on the labels

You can add the business details you need (address, phone, website, social media, slogan, etc.), as well as additional text and well written (on your side) nice descriptions for each soap type.

We usually place the following details to the packaging: ingredients, production date, use by date, soap type, a mention that soap is natural and handmade, manufacturer (can be changed to your brand name), manufacturing address (can be changed to your business address), weight, serial number, barcode.


We accept private label soap orders with stamping. To make the stamping we’ll need a stamp. You will need to provide us with a stamp vector file in CorelDraw (prefered) or PDF. Please, keep in mind, that less detailed vectors usually look better on soap. If you use any special fonts on the stamp, please, don’t forget to send the fonts to us as well.

We can make a stamp in Turkey. The cost of a stamp depends on the vector you would like to use for the stamp. Please, send us an email to tando@tandosales.co.uk, specify your location for the currencies and attach a picture of the stamp, so we could learn the stamp cost for you. The stamp will be needed to make only once, and it could be used for your first and all the future orders.

Stamping is an extra hand work for us, and we make stamping with an extra cost per each bar. To learn the cost, please, contact us, specifying your location for the currencies.

 Bar size and dims

Our standard bar is 100 gr, with the dims 7cm x 7cm x 2cm. Since our soap is handmade, bars weight and dims can vary a bit. You can also order soap uncut in 1kg loaves.

Private label paper sleeves 

The minimum order quantity for paper sleeves is 500 bars. You can order a mix of different soap types within that amount. We use kraft paper for sleeves. If you are interested in the colored version on the kraft paper colors are usually pale. Please, contact us, if you need some different paper options and coloring with the detailed description. We can make it in a printing house. In this case MOQ could be different, depending on the printing house requirements.

Private label boxes

The minimum order quantity for boxes is 3000 bars. You can order a mix of different soap types within that amount. The cost of boxes depends on the amount printed.

Usually, our long time customers print boxes in advance in larger amounts to minimize the boxes cost. While the printed boxes for a brand are stored in our factory, and we use them for packaging upon new orders. We can provide your brand with the same service to minimize the boxes cost per order.

We will need your designs in a CorelDraw file (preferably) or PDF. If you use any special fonts on the labels or boxes, please, don’t forget to send the fonts to us as well.

If you don’t need any labels at all and are going to label soaps yourself after receiving, we can send soap bars without packaging.

Vegan and palm oil free soap 

Please your vegan customers with sustainable skin care products. 

We offer private label vegan palm oil free soap. That natural soap contains a higher percentage of coconut oils and other herbal oils in its formula, than our standard soap. It’s a perfect skin care product for vegan brands and people caring about the environment.

We offer the following vegan soap types for wholesale orders:

  1. Aloe Vera Soap
  2. Apricot Soap
  3. Argan Soap
  4. Black Cumin Soap
  5. Cacao Soap
  6. Chamomile Soap
  7. Charcoal Soap
  8. Cinnamon Soap
  9. Daphne Soap
  10. Grape Soap
  11. Lavender Soap
  12. Lemon Soap
  13. Mango Soap
  14. Nettle Soap
  15. Hammam Soap
  16. Orange & Cinnamon Soap
  17. Pomegranate Soap
  18. Rice Bran Soap
  19. Rose Soap
  20. Rosemary Soap
  21. Shampoo Bar
  22. Shea Butter Soap
  23. St John’s Wort Soap
  24. Tar Soap
  25. Tea Tree Soap
  26. Turmeric Soap

To learn the wholesale prices for our vegan palm oil free soap, please, drop us a message with your location and soap types you are interested in.

Shipping options and delivery time

We ship worldwide. So far we have shipped our natural soap to 40+ countries, including US, Canada, EU, UK, East Europe, South Korea and other Asian countries, GCC countries.

We have agreements with DHL and TNT for fast air shipping, which lets us get lower shipping costs. The delivery time with air shipping is usually 3-5 days.

On large quantities shipping cost is high, and we also offer shipping by truck all over Europe, as well as sea shipping to Americas and Asia. Sea shipping requires date booking for shipping, which must be made in advance. The costs for sea shipping and shipping by truck is significantly lower on large orders, and is available only for large orders. The delivery time with shipping by truck to Europe is usually 7-10 days. The delivery time with sea shipping is about 4 weeks.

When placing an order you should learn the customs requirements in your country. We cannot know the paperwork needed in your country, as well as customs fees. That research is the responsibility of a buyer.

To quote the shipping cost, please, contact us, specifying your location and order amount.

We ship worldwide. We have agreement with TNT and DHL for fast air shipping.