My Story

I was born in Istanbul 1973 Tando graduated from the completed education in

Tourism Hotel Management Vocational High School Near University English

Business Administration and most recently in istanbul University Business

Administration.First started he business life at the age of 16 at the kitchen

department of Istanbul HILTON Hotels. The top 4 Holdings of Turkey, respectively,

worked successfully in various positions and left all companies with positive

reference letters. Some of these are as follows. SABANCI HOLDING, SANKO


someone who has the opportunity to meet a large mass of people, whether it is a

manager, his colleagues or dealers in the companies he has worked, and has a chair

seat and surroundings in every province of Turkey. Tando is a diver with a 3-star

certificate PADI,CIMAS. Who performs mountain skiing at an advanced level he has

a yacht captain license and a short distance radio license. He speaks English,he is a

good motorcycle user.He is married and has one daughter. Tando Sales Marketing

Ltd. which he founded himself, continues his professional business life through the

ECAA agreement. He continu in London the UK. His firm acts as a bridge between

Turkey and the UK in the fields of sales and marketing and undertakes an important

mission in the field of sales and marketing in the free trade agreements signed

between the two countries.

The company deals with the following business lines.

Agents involved in the sale of furniture, household goods, hardware and ironmongery

Wholesale of waste and scrap

Non-specialised wholesale trade

Retail sale via mail order houses or via Internet


Tando doesn’t just do a job, he tells a story.