Lavender Soap


The lavender plant has been known for at least 2000 years and is used for various purposes. Originating from the Middle East, India and the Mediterranean, lavender is grown in most of the world today. In ancient times, people used lavender for cleaning and keeping clothes with good smells due to its beautiful and refreshing scent. Later, they continued to use the lavender plant for medicinal purposes.

Since lavender oil is an oil with high added value, it has started to be produced commercially. Lavender oil is an oil obtained by distillation of lavender flowers. Lavender oil is frequently used in cosmetics, but it is also used in products on the market as medicinal and food.

As Tando, we pay great attention to the quality of the oils we use in the natural soaps we make. We aim and do the best results by mixing the purest form of lavender oil with other oils in our soaps.